A slightly less ethical answer

(Is it alright to do something your husband would not strictly approve of if he won’t find out?)

I don’t know if it’s alright or not; I just know what I do. Practically speaking, I vote yes—in the stealthy disposal of items that have outlived their usefulness.

If I asked him, he would say “I might need it later; store it in the x by the z.” But meanwhile, it’s sitting in the w (as in the way), and I keep stubbing my toe on it, and if I removed it he would never notice. Promise. In the interest of scientific probability I’ve tested it in various circumstances with identical results.

Now what do you think?

Are there big things and little things in marriage?

“One little time you pull out a prop, and where does it stop? Where does it stop?” *

(Oh. Hi there, honey.)

* Fiddler on the Roof, Jerry Bock
It was fun hearing your votes. Especially since you disagreed.

An ethical question

Is it alright

to do something your husband would not strictly approve of

if he won’t find out?

I can see the shock on your faces, and it’s making me giggle.
Yes? No? Sometimes? Of course? Only if…?
Just relax now. And vote.
And explain yourself tomorrow, like me.


I am experiencing the technical difficulties always attendant on reentry into cyberspace. We had to switch email servers and have some bugs to work out. If you are not receiving email notifications of new posts, hang tight… the Boss is working on it. He tells me it will help him if I keep posting. {Insert eye roll here.}

In obedience to him and to the Holy Spirit
{I think I am mocking but I am not blaspheming},
here is a thought that made it to paper in the months of—

Sometimes I think I am the only one with more questions than answers and

I wonder how it feels to be sure of things Continue reading

Their greatest risk

Long ago when the world was young, the Three Deities prepared themselves to create their magnum opus, the human being. They spent many weeks brainstorming his maximum potential and ability. For hours they sat together at the drawing board sketching his features, the divine and glorious gifts. They gave him physical strength and emotional tenderness, spiritual awakening and the love of life. They gave him beauty. They gave him the gift of imagination: the ability to see things as they are not yet. They gave him intelligence, strategy, mobility, communication. And when they had made him nearly complete, and as like themselves as they dared, they sat down for one final meeting.

How much damage can the human do? they asked themselves. What boundaries must we set for him?


We will start with Roots, said one of the Three. He will never be able to quite escape himself, or his father, or his place of birth. He will have his mother’s nose and his grandfather’s temper. In all his learning and his capacity for change, he will never be able to perfect himself out of these things. They will follow him through life. Continue reading

Logistical: On comments

Confession: All day yesterday, while I didn’t hear a word from one of you, the Lord was saying to me Is it enough that I approve of you?

And all day I was saying to Him Yes in a loud voice and No in a quiet voice.

Last night we realized that my comment section was disabled.

Ryan found and recovered the sweet words that you were trying to leave, and he fixed the broken place so you can talk to me again. He had changed my domain address since my last post. The word he used to describe the likely result for my readers and I was seamless but I see there was a seam after all. I would look for a new tech guy but I can’t find another so cute.

He owes me. But we’re leaving soon on a brief anniversary trip and so I think he is planning on paying up.

We probably owe you too. But you may not come along. Continue reading