Logistical: On comments

Confession: All day yesterday, while I didn’t hear a word from one of you, the Lord was saying to me Is it enough that I approve of you?

And all day I was saying to Him Yes in a loud voice and No in a quiet voice.

Last night we realized that my comment section was disabled.

Ryan found and recovered the sweet words that you were trying to leave, and he fixed the broken place so you can talk to me again. He had changed my domain address since my last post. The word he used to describe the likely result for my readers and I was seamless but I see there was a seam after all. I would look for a new tech guy but I can’t find another so cute.

He owes me. But we’re leaving soon on a brief anniversary trip and so I think he is planning on paying up.

We probably owe you too. But you may not come along. Continue reading

Lot or not?

Confession: I can’t help hoping that after the wise men of the age have poured enough energy into world problems like war, racism, and poverty, one of them will find a few spare moments to develop a label adhesive that actually removes cleanly from its product.

With all our wisdom we have not yet been able to pull this off.


I don’t know about you, but for me the national news this summer was exceptionally depressing, between unthinking violence on one hand and thinking legislation on the other. Perhaps this is because I was actually reading the news; I’ve never been much of a political girl. Continue reading

Changes coming down

Confession: I am missing something from my days. It’s called Margin.

What a funny thing margin is, always hanging around the edges, not out in the open where it’s easily calculated or measured. You don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

I’m starting a few changes to my blog for the next few months.

The first one is that I’m taking a break from advertising. Most of my ads were due to expire at the end of May, and instead of renewing or soliciting new ones, I decided to let them phase out. There are two reasons for this—one is that I’m tired and the other is that I partly hate myself when I advertise. I’d be interested in your feedback on this. Advertising is such a great idea, up front; and I truly think it’s been good for me, and you, and businesses. But it takes work to maintain, especially since I’m handpicking the businesses. And sometimes I feel like I’m selling something (myself maybe), when all I really want is just to write. I started running ads last August, so we’re going on a year now and I’m ready for a break.

The second change is that I’m taking a break from blogging.

(This is one reason I’m breaking from the ads—how else can I take a writing break?)

I’ve had a recess in mind for some time. The original reason was that I am interested in writing Other things, and I never have time to do both—but now I don’t have time to do either, so that’s kind of funny. After I’ve given heart to all the other things in my life I don’t have any left to put here. I’m being a wife and a mommy. Writing is an important way for me to process life, but having margin is even more important; I feel the need to cut something out until we settle into this new normal.

Also I have a few personal issues I need to work on, like reading more Scripture, coming close to my church community, and cleaning my bathrooms. I’m going to get right on those.

This is the first open-ended break I’ve taken. I’ll jot a line in a week to tell you about the coffee giveaway results.

I’m not sure when, but I’ll be back.

I’ll miss you,

Two pictures that make me incredibly happy

Recently I came across two pictures on social media that filled me with joy.

They are wildly different: the first, pristine and elegant, mysterious, imaginative; the second, grainy and smudgy and hopelessly outdated. Look at this.


Rob Gonsalves is a Canadian artist who likes playing with optical illusion and duplicate realities. Here is more of his work, but I find the painting above simply unbeatable. I could enjoy it for hours. And I think I probably have…


The second picture is from my childhood, posted for Throwback Thursday by an old friend. It makes me super happy, partly because our dresses are so hideous and partly because we’re all so glad. I’m the squirt on the left. My brother is behind me, and I believe my cousin (who’s having a birthday party) is showing off the food in his mouth. Three family friends, all sisters, are with us.

I had an amazing childhood.

When I look at this picture I just think, “Alright. I wore knits and I survived. My kids are going to be okay too.”


What brought you joy today?

Tea talk

Dear people,

If you know anything about me by now, you will know that when I start Dear People I’m about to be particularly truthful with you. Much as I dislike blogging about blogging, it’s time for another little heart-to-heart about where we’re at. Can we pretend it’s just the two of us talking over tea?

Quite frankly, I’ve been rather scared of you ever since our little explosion at the beginning of December.

(You will here note the conspicuous absence of a pingback to the post. That would reopen a can of worms I prefer to seal with seven seals.)

(Do you use one lump of sugar or two?)

I’ve always loved blog comments. Sometimes I used to post on purpose right before leaving for the weekend, because I loved to come home to a row of your words and thoughts. But now I’m worried you’re going to come after me with a shotgun. It’s kind of that Piglet thing of being a Very Small Animal wondering about Heffalumps. Do they come when you whistle? And how do they come?

I am not a person who enjoys public controversy, and can usually only bring myself to say a hard thing when I feel goaded into it by the silence of others. I see that my blog would be a livelier place if I could say all the inflammable things I think.

But then I would have to shoot myself.

Unless of course you did it for me.

If nothing else, the experience relieved my occasional fear that I am writing to a pack of young liberals who won’t blink no matter what I say. You may or may not have noticed, but you definitely blinked.

As much as you would think I’d have known better about using That Word in this forum, I didn’t. I thought I would get more flak for the word “gluten;” that was the one I had vowed never to touch again. Putting them both together into a single post was nothing short of kamikaze, but unfortunately I didn’t quite realize that until afterwards.

I won’t say I didn’t deserve it.

I am still the same person who blogged here in December. I still believe in the things that influenced me to express those viewpoints in those words. But. While I am so, so grateful to the Lord Jesus that our approval comes from Him and not from people, I am not such a fool as to be careless of what His people think. You have the Spirit too, and if you say something is a problem, I want to sit up and take notice. I am currently in my “eat no flesh while the world standeth” phase: all bad words are safe from me.

I just feel a little jumpy. I don’t know what will send you, and there’s still some fire gear on my heart I’m having a hard time writing off. I thought it would help if I told you.

Thanks for listening. I’m glad we had this talk.

(More tea?)